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The custard over the ladyfingers is a hit, so yay. Maybe i will make something like that for my Dad, who loves banana pudding. (Baked is still far more appealing than mixing on the stove, although i think i might have a microwave recipe for an eggy-pudding.) I'm sorry there were no photos. It was a little flat: i think the ladyfingers absorbed plenty of the custard themselves.

The retreat went well. I have some clarity on my sense of working with Friends, and i also have some questions about whether i have become even more intolerant of being around people with the pandemic. I am a little concerned about how hard returning to society will be for me. Not that i was that much in society, but so much even less so now. I certainly react with, "Do not want" at the thought of going to meeting. (There is an ache for the drive and the plants i would see, i note.)

We have warm wet Gulf air buffering us from the winter storm. Christine is heart broken, because she misses winter, years in California she missed winter, should be getting winter here, but no. If she has comfort with Melissa being here today, we'll have the windows open. And i think we'll have sunshine, first since the 8th. We've got rivers at flood stage across the state. I do hope that the rain has been spread out enough that it's long stretches of rivers at floodstage and not a high crest that go past flood stage to severe flooding down in the coastal plain.
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Tags: cooking, quaker notes, weather

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