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I'm sitting here reading the interwebs and hear jingling. Jingling jingling jingling. Also, bam. Mire jingling. And i become aware that this is the sound of Marlowe hunting, so i make my way over to the hall and turn on a light. Jingle jingle. Ah, bathroom. I turn on its light, and see Marlowe chasing a dark shape scurrying behind the toilet scrubber. I probably went, "Eeek!" as my startle reaction is set to eleven.

I return to the basket of unused dog toys that also houses the butterfly net, one of the most unexpectedly useful purchases. Now to evict Marlowe from the bathroom -- two tries -- and then the little mouse (probably Peromyscus) scurried under the closet door. Fortunately, just a few boxes to pull out, and then i was able to get it encircled by the net. Then there's the challenge of off the floor and nudging into the pocket of the net. With the critter now safe in my control, i allow Marlowe back in, and she rushes to resume her hunt. Meanwhile i go out the front door, and (unthinkingly) release the little being too close to the house. I have to turn the net inside out, and it hangs a bit above the ground before disentangling its foot. I'm able to stroke it's back for a moment and enjoy the big bright black eyes, before it realizes it's free.

On returning through the front door i see Marlowe sitting in the center of the hall, giving me a death glare.

Yesterday i was able to observe a red shouldered hawk in the front yard, appearing to devour a snake. At which i pout, because -- February! But it was brief sunny spell, and warm, and apparently the snake made the fatal choice to lay out in the sun. The hawk then sat in one of the crepe myrtles for a nice long spell, small birds happily continuing to visit the feeder. The hawk returned to where i had seen it with the snake and then flew low and steady across the yard -- and after loosing it in the binoculars, i didn't see it any more.

Other than that, it's been work. I have great sympathy for pollsters as i tried to extrapolate numbers from small data sets.
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