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We celebrated Grandmámá's 104th birthday on Sunday, ahead of the Monday date. She's so small, her hair so thin and not henna'ed. I could see her appraising her hair in the video.

My mother: camera shy, lovely.

Both so diminished, in different ways. And my Dad was so stressed out. But it was good to have made the effort to meet on Zoom. I should try and set one up for Dad and his mom a little more frequently. And then there will be our -- Dad's and my -- birthday in a month to celebrate similarly.

--== ∞ ==--

Various good news:

The base camp water filter produces sparkling clear water. Huzzah! Something to keep Christine from (reasonable!) distress until we can save up for the recommended filter improvements.

Progress on getting my meeting's committee structure back in some order -- and i think the person most attached to the big formal structure is ok proposing something less dramatic in the short term. I realized there's an assistant clerk, so i shall look for a time to bring her up to speed. In cranky news, the person i had thought i would connect most with acts like a four year old stamping her foot saying she won't change. I'm used to Friends being afraid of change or dismayed by change, but petulance is something i'm used to dealing with.

Despite an extraordinary frustration with UPS's scheduled pickup (nope, never again), the covid tests came back negative. We were expecting "sample ruined" as the result, so this was a pleasant surprise.

--== ∞ ==--

I feel very behind at work, and my volunteering for the just-in-time planning of a retreat isn't helping me feel spacious in my time.

I think if i can squeeze in a plan, once i meet or hit the next work deadlines i could take time off in early march for yard and gardening.
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