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I was feeling under the weather yesterday -- have had a headache since Saturday -- but i managed to remember that Thursday evening was the state announcement of dose distribution day. I checked the UNC health system website after 5 pm and there were appointments in Smithfield and Rocky Mount today. As i selected them, they evaporated away -- but i got the last one for Mom. So Mom is off for her vaccine with Dad today. Huzzah.

Christine and I took a home coronavirus test yesterday. Ordering the tests was part of my worrying some weeks ago. Once the order was complete, i realized i really don't know why i was doing it. I think it was the state's message, "If you have been with people outside your household you should be tested," and looking at the state testing sites. The advice that asymptomatic people should get tested doesn't mean those tests are subsidized: with no symptoms one pays for the test. And the in home mail order test is cheaper, and so i got it in my head we should get tested. I think my theory was "and then we will avoid all contact" but it's not really plausible. I meet with the carpenter today, for example. Outside and masked, but there it is. And it's been long enough from all the contacts we had with the water quality guy and masons and staying with Mom that symptoms would have turned up.

I'd arranged for UPS to pick up the tests, but they didn't. We'll see if they do this morning, and if the samples are good enough. I almost hope that the samples aren't so we get new kits that we can wait to use until we are really worried. (The kits do arrive pretty quickly on ordering them.)

We had snow in the full moonlight on Thursday morning -- at least on the south (cooler) side of our house. The north side, which gets plenty of winter sun, was mostly melted by 8 am.

My grandmother turns 103 on Monday. I'm sending pastries from a Cuban bakery in Miami. I hope the guava takes her back to her child hood in the Bahamas. She's apparently fading. We'll be gathering with her by Zoom. If it works well, i think i'll try to set my Dad up with an account or scheduled meetings so he can Zoom with her a little more frequently.
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