E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Clearness for clearness (muddy spring)

Asking that which Is for clarity about next steps

I sit under the great world tree
branches arching across the night sky
creating a web, a network
each star the light of a life
connected to other stars
the roots fanning out
grounding, rooting

I hold this heart location while
slouched on the couch
in my warm home
snores of cats
Christine and Carrie off for.a walk

The abstract connection
is something i can believe in

but now i pick up my place
one of billions of stars

and the networks connecting me to others
don't just happen

i feel the strength of my connection
to my Love
to my Dad
a strange broken and knotted connection to my Mom
to my sister

to a few colleagues at work
-- and now, maybe, i see
these connections to my colleagues
that i feel so clearly
are wound in and around
so many others
gossamer filaments to people who have moved on

i brush against some connections made of Yule cards
sense a potential
and a mystery
once upon a time correspondence connected me so tightly
can email do that? can i correspond?

My nephew! My niece! THESE connections
We need each other

So -- just now
one of the two women who i feel some
connection to at meeting writes --
a family emergency.
I text support. An offer to bring a meal.
Knowing how awkward food offers can be
This little thread between us - -what does it mean?
Should i feed it, fuel it, strengthen it?
All the little threads radiating from me
harp strings, heart strings

Which ones to care for? And --


what about me?

I don't believe in zero sum
That i have a fixed amount of love light energy

I believe it's possible to multiply

And i don't know that i am multiplying at my Meeting.


I know i am not multiplying at my Meeting.

Tags: muddy spring

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