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Well, well, well (household, covid-19)

In resenting COVID news, i have been discussing with Christine risk mitigation. On one hand, i feel we have been serious about risk mitigation all along, albeit we have not been absolute about risk. On the other hand, the risk profile is changing dramatically. Previous performance is no guarantee of past performance: just because we've kept ourselves safe over the past months doesn't mean the same will keep us safe as it surges here. So, we're looking for more mitigations.

While i have watched the NYT report the over-fourteen-day increase in my county (yesterday seventy-some percent, today fifty-some percent), i look at the state map and see our county as the lowest infections per capita in the state. Part of that is our proportionally large contingent of wealthy retirees who can afford the whole deliver-me-everything response, compared to the contingent of "essential workers."

It has just taken so much time. We've agreed on a number of mitigations, with some of them emotionally hard. I'm happy to hear from my sister she is also adding additional risk mitigation strategies to her household.

Anyhow, i think we are through with this round. I think all the next work that might be needed so we have clear water in the house would be outside -- changing the water heater which likely has inches of clay silt in the tank will be the near last thing, after all filtration strategies or, ugh, i hate to think about a new well. Cost is significant, and i don't know good routes for drilling trucks and equipment up hill from the house given fencing and plants. I assume driving through the vegetable garden plot may be the best route. Hence cranky. We could get a truck into the orchard area but not out the back. Once the well is dug, then there's getting the water to the house. All this because the first step is going to be something like a sonogram of the current well.

Oy, not where i was wanting to think.
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