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First significant procratination of year (procrastination, watching notes, privacy, quaker notes)

I've tried watching Bridgerton. The first episode didn't grab me. Episodes 2, with the moody Duke's backstory, did engage me, so i found myself binging episodes 3 and 4, which sort of wrapped up an arc of Daphne's debutante season. But, that done, i am less excited about watching the next episode. It is, apparently, a Queen focused episode. A friend really likes the Queen's character and i suppose her wit is made more plain in episode 5?

Spent all Monday morning before work on parsing the data release authorization and the privacy policy for the in home covid test. They want you to use their app and link up your fitness tracker. They've got all sorts of tests that i can see someone with a mysterious autoimmune or nutrient based condition wanting to take regularly to try and figure out what causes what. I am fascinated by what could be learned and horrified about what one might reveal. Until there is better granular control, i am so not interested in the possible benefits over the risks. I can imagine a level of misery at which i would be, though.

Things i avoided Monday:

* preparing meeting for business, i think it's the continued sense of dislocation about purpose.
* recruiter who is good with me working from home, because i feel i should waste an hour of both of our time, but i am very unlikely to want to consider it. [OK, replied]
* replying to a fiend about a time to talk because there's an odd tension in our Dec communications plus Christine went porcupine and i need to decipher the prickles. I don't want more drama.

Fie, there's a length limit on titles.
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Tags: privacy, procrastination, quaker notes, watching notes

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