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As i was reflecting on how Chatham county's COVID cases per capita is larger than Santa Clara county's, i found myself wondering about the population size. Is the county here about the same size as Mountain View, CA? It's a little smaller than Mountain View, CA and a little larger than Palo Alto, CA.

"WHEREAS, more than one out of every twenty people in North Carolina has now had a confirmed case of COVID-19, and the disease will likely be found to be one of the leading causes of death in North Carolina for the year 2020..." -- NC Governor's Executive Order 188

As i described before, North Carolina's "orange" in the four tier none-yellow-orange-red classification of severity is a worse situation than California's "purple" (the highest tier in their severity classification). In the email from the NC health department yesterday, "NCDHHS is reporting 84 counties are red in the latest COVID-19 County Alert System, meaning most of the state has critical levels of viral spread." The message goes on to detail familiar advice, although it is mind bending to read "Avoid settings where people may congregate in large numbers." North Carolina's swingy status means our Democratic governor knows he can not enforce the sort of constraints that would fight the virus. Instead we have a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am, with plenty of exceptions. Thus, the heath department has to assume there will be lots of risky situations, and directs you to avoid all the people not following the directive. Essentially. It ends with, "If you were with people that you do not live with, you should assume you may have become infected and get tested."

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