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Dainty dollops (f&f, cats, dawg, weather, 354)

Monday morning: Marlowe proves that cats can get in the way of work without lying on the keyboard, they can lie down on your hands on the keyboard. Fortunately a fussy Carolina Wren (CARW) came along and got her attention. The bird landed on the screen just inches away from her nose. Ha: when the masons drove up she growled (and then ran away). Carrie is barking alert punctuated with chuffs.

Earlier, over the weekend: while it has been wet, and grey, and my rain gauge has been down, it has also been warm. At night and sometimes during the day i could hear frog calls.

Later, Monday afternoon, the sun cam out, first i've seen of it since before Christmas. I harnessed up Carrie and myself and we went to join my sister for a dog walk while my niblings rode bikes. So good to have some day light!

In complaints, Evernote on my work machine is near useless.
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Tags: 354, cats, dawg, f&f, weather

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