E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Dreams of forgetting (dreams, covid-19)

Last night's dreams were fertile ground for stress: the setting was urban, with a waterfront, temperate zone -- more Charleston, SC than Baltimore, though. My appointments included a medical provider where no one, including myself, was wearing masks and i was very confused. I knew i'd forgotten mine. And then i realized that there was a class i'd been forgetting to attend all term, and i had no idea when drop was, and the turn restrictions in the routes kept me from getting to the meeting with the professor in time.

Late and forgetting, which is current stress. Forgot my mask driving over to my parent's on Thursday.

I remain wondering about just how similar everyone's pandemic experience will have been. Part of my rural privilege is the lack of worry And thank heavens this disease was not fomite transmitted. And, i discover today that the "fomite" is the package and doorknob, etc, NOT particles on the package or doornob. Did we really need a New Latin word for "stuff"? Hrmph. Anyhow, thankful.

I did not develop handwashing habits like the rest of the world seems to have.
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