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Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020 (depression, procrastination, observe)

Happy new year to you and yours.

Some of you are in transitions, with work, family, and living situation changes happening this past year -- some pandemic caused, some otherwise. I appreciate you sharing your stories. There's grief and the anticipation of grief for some of you: i hope for ease and that memories of the good accompany you. For some of you the change in work brought by the pandemic created some opportunities: i hope the new path is rewarding. For some of you there is worry and uncertainty: i hope there's a solid ground for you to land on, and that your strength bears you to that security. For those of you with health concerns: may there be healing.

For some of us, the drama of the year has been in what we witnessed, and i suspect that many of us are tired. I am surprised at how tired i am. May we all find restoration and a deep wellspring of compassion, wisdom, and strength. May we all be prepared to stand up for justice and love, for our fellow beings and for the planet when the opportunity presents.

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Tags: depression, observe, procrastination

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