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Twenty nine years (observe, eating notes)

On the solstice twenty nine years ago, there was a full moon, and it appeared in the window over the entrance to the church where Christine and i were married. The best part of yesterday was the stop on our drive home from picking up dinner to take photos of the great conjunction with our phones. Nothing dramatic, just time together with Carrie, enjoying the night sky.

Christine had not slept well so she was out of sorts off and on, but we had a chance to pause and appreciate our life together. I think we have accepted where the other is, accepted the person as they are, while encouraging and cheerleading growth and change in each other. We trust each of us to care for the us of us while being open to transformation.

We exchanged a few gifts, a coat tree from me and a drill from her. I've borrowed my sister's drill when i've needed one, and i will admit not owning a drill was a negative in the decision process regarding seeding logs with mushroom spawn. Now i will be revisiting that decision. I'll need to pick up some masonry and ceramic drill bits for adding drainage holes to various things and reusing chipped dishes. And a project that i have been dawdling on -- converting our old king size bed springs into a trellis -- will benefit from the supplies.

Dinner from Maggianos was OK. One thing about not having the opportunity to eat others' cooking more frequently is that out tolerances and expectations are all off scale. I want it to be incredible, and when it's not i am sorely disappointed. So far the only semi-reliable source of not-grocery, not-garden food has been pizza and Chipotles. Christine is finding meals tedious and frustrating. It's not entirely the pandemic to blame, but the pandemic isn't helping. On an up note, she made tandori "vicken" and peas the other night that was delightful.
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