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Abundance of caution led me to recognize the slight malaise Christine and i were suffering from a week ago and not see my parents. Other than that, there was no intentional withdrawal other than recognizing the little i got done over the weekend.

Wednesday brought unexpected elephants and Christine took a while to recover. I'm not sure what the trigger was as i wasn't with her: the holidays are not a good season. I bought the latest Liaden novel (#23) that evening and have since gobbled it up. I've also since made sure i know where all my digital copies are and have them all linked up in publication order in Zotero, where i keep reading lists and various resources.

Yesterday i was remarkably productive, partly due to having a sense of what to do. The todo list does seem to take a bit more time than i would like to groom it, but it's worth it, so far. I'm also making some progress on speeding through and being ruthless with email. Admittedly, there's a bit of a tension, and i will need to find a way to ensure relaxation.

I may be a remarkable person in that i might be able to kill off sunchokes, aka Jerusalem artichokes. There was less harvest this year than last. Admittedly, i didn't delve deeply -- i can't remember how deep i found the tubers. I'm fermenting a quart of them and had some in my soup at lunch.

The yard is looking great -- if i can get the back glade raked the time sensitive maintenance will finally be done. Next, pruning and clearing -- oy, and planting all the things in the fridge. Right. That's next weekend. (Also, the seeds that need a winter start.) I do love that this time of year -- in the Persephone phase when there is less than ten hours of sunlight and theoretically there's no growth of most plants -- when once things are tidy, they are tidy -- no new weeds, no lush grass growth to catch up with. I imagine filming a little visit with the drone ....

Must run if i want to get outside for a little exercise/raking and then see my folks.
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Tags: coe, elephant, garden, health

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