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Have you tried a milk punch? A drink where some punch has been mixed with milk so the milk curdles and then the milk is strained out, leaving an apparently pleasurable and fairly stable beverage? I'm curious about just making it with a spiced tea. It become clear from reading the alcohol is not a necessary part of the process, but that milk clarification "takes the edge off," with notes that the edge was probably much more pronounced in alcohols from the 1700s.


From Cooks Illustrated, whole milk is the best thing to use, which is not something we have around the house. Half and half may work; the experimenter had inconsistent results. Evaporated milk apparently doesn't curdle. Apparently one can get soy milk to curdle (depending on whether anti curdling additives have been added).

Of course, once you have curds, the curds can be turned into cheese (if milk) or tofu (if soy).

Apparently the milk curds are very good at straining out tannins. So i'm imagining some tannic tea steeped with spices, strained through curds, and wondering at the result. Also wondering whether the curds would taste dreadful or interesting.

I'm wondering about my attempt at a local nocino from our black walnut trees and from the berries from the spice bush. (I made the walnut steeped alcohol a couple years ago. We don't drink much or often, so that's still around. This year i found a spice bush with plenty of berries and steeped those in a sugar alcohol mix.)

All the recipes seem to be in quantity...
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