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Thank you to [personal profile] yourlibrarian who simply wrote that episode 3 of season 2 of The Mandalorian was a better story line. We watched it last night (along with starting The Two Towers) and i was so relieved.

Yesterday was mostly dreary, and my sister had had heightened concern about the virus. We stayed masked at my sister's, and my parents did not come due to the damp. Then we stopped off for a brief visit at my parents. My dad is not going to go to Florida, which relieves me mightily (as i wasn't sure if he would need to.)

This morning my brother called via FaceTime and i had a nice visit with him and the boys.

After much mist this morning, it's now clearing. That should help my mood and energy.

Breakfast was inspired by tx_cronopio's mention of deviled eggs a few weeks ago. I have since acquired a tube of wasabi and made deviled eggs with wasabi and my own pickled ginger. Pro tip: don't slice the ginger along the grain, no matter how finger prserving it seems to be. The wasabi eggs were yummy. Probably will make again.

My apple pie turned out unexpectedly: none of the apples disintegrating into sauciness, no juicy or gooey bits. Not quite dry, but thinking about it. The bottom crust may have absorbed all the juice: at least it was good tasting butter. On the other hand, i may have not split the reduced juices from before baking at the correct ratio, with half the juice with the smaller collection of apples. The top crust hadn't really baked all the way through: i wonder if that's because i pressed it down onto the apples. It did look gorgeous. And it tasted fine just fine: nothing was rock hard. Someday i may have apples from my own trees and become familiar with how they behave. It seems consistent apple types may be just as much a part of the mystery of consistent apple pies as anyting else.
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