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Thanks to [personal profile] threeringedmoon's reminder, i found Diane Duane's Tale of the Five omnibus in my stack of eBooks and happily avoided my responsibilities while reading it. Then i went back and read some of the shorter Liaden novels and collections of short stories. I've forwarded on holds a couple times as i wait for the county to get the systems recovered from the cyber incident. (I have been impressed at the tight control on just what type incident has occurred.) This past weekend (Nov 14-15) was spent mainly reading and doing Quaker clerking and other things.

The Quaker things were not easy, but they were appreciated. Oh the clerks i have not expressed my appreciation to in the past.

This autumn has had surprisingly bright color in our woods. The red maples, which haven't caught my attention except int the spring (when they are covered with small red flowers), had a wonderful ombre of red orange to yellow, from top to bottom, and the spicebush is a clear yellow. The American hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) i have loved for its muscular trunk covered with smooth grey bark. Today it had a thin canopy of small gold leaves.

It was a wet summer, no drought, and we had the two crisp nights. Christine assures me this is remarkable and that i didn't simply not see the fall color in previous years -- but i wonder. I see more distinct plants now. Am i finally seeing past the to-do list?

But now it's gone --just a brief window of loveliness. I guess an additional factor is whether there is little wind and rain during the window, so the leaves have a chance to all be on the tree together. I didn't get out to mark the lovely trees in time: perhaps next year.

The problems the cats were having that led to litter boxes all over the house has mostly been resolved. The bespoke litterbox in the cabinet designed for litterboxes has a battery powered motion activated light, in case the dark was an issue and Christine leaves one cabinet door open -- but the open box in the room gets all the action. I ponder that perhaps ambushes entering or leaving have made the cabinet unattractive. We've had Marlowe for a year now. I no longer worry that she is so small that she is at risk -- she's so fierce!
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