E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Joy and all the feels

I say joy, but there may be more release and relief. Joy: a woman vice president! The promise of Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 is finally met. How long until the promise of Hillary Clinton is met? I can hope that SOON is the answer, and we don't need to wait twenty eight more years for a woman to be nominated and elected.

Relief: in 73 days there will be decent leadership in this country. For a while, i was aware of letting down my guard.

As a progressive, i'm not expecting any miracle from the Biden-Harris team. My father keeps wanting a nice centrist party to form, and i keep snapping back (in my thoughts) that he's got one in the Democrats.

I am horrified at the continued silence of Republicans. Will Fox news continue to follow the Trumpist-TeaParty-QAnon crazy? I about screamed when Rick Santorum brought up needing to investigate the Biden family: the Wall Street Journal hasn't found any credible issues in what's been brought forward. Bill Barr's justice department has surely had all the time in the world to hack away at what they could find. Give it up.

I am aware many Trump voters are pro-life voters and willing to trade that for character and all the rest. I'm thankful for the Trump years in that there will not be nearly as much "oh, that's not what he meant" dismissal of behavior and comments that belie racism and misogyny. And between the years of Trump and the weapons of mass destruction debacle, the press has learned to call a lie a lie. It isn't going to stop. The lies, the racism, the misogyny have been there: we can't stop.

How many people have looked at Trump and said, i could do that -- but i know how to control myself. I know how to stay on message. I know how to not get caught. How many people itch for the power?
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