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Biden pool (garden)

I was digging a big hole for a cheap wading pool when a colleague tweeted to me with the news. Hearafter, the tiny little experimental water feature will be known as Biden pool.

Photos link through to the full size

Red Georgville clay without much in the way of a loam horizon

Photo taken facing south east. The red Georgville clay, without much in the way of a loam horizon, is visible in the three foot wide by maybe six inch deep hole. A small pile of clay covered quartz plus one chunk of clean surface quartz is at the rim of the hole at twelve o'clock . Thin moss, studded with tufts of grass Dichanthelium laxiflorum and various sedges, surrounds the hole. In the background, thick brush -- a scraggly American holly, sweetgum, spicebush, and invasive Autumn olive -- and lush Christmas ferns.

Photo taken facing south. Biden pool's bright artificial blue liner pops out, but the ring of field stone on the top helps ground it in the setting. Orchard fence to the right. The tall loblolly pines stripe the background. Green in the canopy is sweetgum, the darker leaves are from an as-yet healthy dogwood. The Autumn olive glistens green -- it will take a long time before those leaves change and drop, stealing light from the forest floor. On the other hand, i am considering replacing some with evergreen rhododendrons (at the extreme of their native zone) so that's even more light gobbled.

Photo taken facing north. I've got to fix the rain collection into that tank.

Because i put the clay covered rocks in the pool, the water turned orange as soon as i added it. We're supposed to get three inches of rain later this week (Eta, i presume) so i'll wait to add more. The pile of rocks (covering an overturned flower pot) in the pool (at six o'clock) is to ensure critters can escape. I'll pillage more fieldstone from the garden, but most of what i find is pretty small.

The dirt from the hole was spread around to fill in the ankle wrenching trenches that have formed where roots from a cut down tree have decayed this year. The flower pot is sitting on a large stump, sixteen inches wide. That was a tulip poplar that was cut down shortly before we bought the house, i estimate. This year the earth started giving way where the roots were, and any minute now i expect the flower pot to disappear, falling feet down in a hole underneath the stump. I need a borrow hole somewhere, a pit to fill in this stump hole -- and there are a dozen others that i would also like to fill. I'm tempted to fill them with bottles and cans. Organic matter -- branches and woodchips and so on, rots too fast.
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