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I dreamed last night that i couldn't write. The dream was set in this time of pandemic, in some unrecognizable locale, and i was checking into a hotel or inn near a lake. I seemed to know the innkeeper, and we chatted as she passed me a spiral bound notebook in which i was to record my name, address, etc. I don't recall a worry about masks (absence, presence) in the dream, nor a worry about touching a shared pen. But when i went to write, my handwriting was not my familiar writing, words were spaced out oddly, there was some gibberish. A sort of aphasia of the hand.

I did go through a period a few weeks ago where i seemed to be making far more typos than usual, but that has subsided to just the usual typo-rich compositions.

--== ∞ ==--

The week since the election has been stress filled, more than i would have expected. I took a half day on Wednesday to work in the yard, and enjoy some quiet companionship sitting on the deck with Christine. That helped.

Thursday i visited my parents, urged them not to watch election news -- until the end of the day when a colleague texted me that Georgia was flipping. My dad's father's family have deep roots in south west Georgia, and when i mentioned to Dad that Georgia was flipping for Biden he exploded in a happiness i don't think i've seen since Trump became president.

Yesterday was a full work day, and it went fairly well, although i was exhausted at the end. (I guess i did work late.)

--== ∞ ==--

Our woods this morning are full of gentle morning light. The hardwood canopy -- only a few hardwoods reach the heights of the pines -- is shifting green to a soft yellow where leaves remain. The tylip poplars, many elms, and the cherries are bare.

--== ∞ ==--

Our county has been a victim of some cyber attack -- no answer as to whether the FBI has been involved in the ongoing investigations or whether there was a ransom demand -- and the library's catalogue -- and it's ability to authenticate one -- has been absent. Hence my purchase of books last weekend -- including a duplicate purchase.

I do enjoy the Liaden universe books, partly because the breadth of characters in the stories. I find i can reread without too much frustration in knowing how the future unfolds from future books. Are there any similar universes out there? I did enjoy Honor Harrington novels but my memory is that in general the arc of story telling followed just Honor, and i don't feel an interest in rereading. The Vorkosigan Saga has enough variation in main characters -- maybe i should try rereading some of those....
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