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I am all fascinated by the the Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index calculated just for the US by the researchers, but calculable for anywhere with temperatures and either precipitation or (better) snowfall and depth measurements. Looking at the map right now there's a whole bunch of average winters along the coasts and south west, then there's record extreme in the mountains and plains. Last year was the mildest winter on record for Raleigh, NC, which is good for me to keep in mind as i plan how to care for the dahlias that overwintered in the ground.

So, i had read Zeta was going to be weak a couple days before it was to hit the Gulf coast, and i just assumed it would take a while to make it to North Carolina. I wouldn't have been so blasé if i lived in a more exposed location, but i was not expecting the high winds today. Lost power here, as did my parents, as did many many others. The power outage was short, not long enough for me to regret not getting water set aside. Other folks are going to be a bit longer. I think we must get power off a main line that has a high priority for being fixed. A neighborhood down the street -- 40+ homes -- lost power about a half hour after ours came back, and they still don't have an estimated time of repair.

Some of my gardening structures did not survive. Apparently hemp, while a strong natural fiber option, still isn't really strong enough to deal with the humid heat for a whole season. I have lots of hemp lashing. I guess i'll figure out a use for it. And i guess i'll have to order something a little more synthetic for lashing next year's tripods and trellising. The green beans were still producing, so i'm sad to see them crumpled on the ground. And i wonder if the trellis collapsed on the one squash.

I had to go into Chapel Hill for a mammogram, and lots of traffic lights were out. NO ONE KNOWS THE RULES FOR INTERSECTIONS WITHOUT LIGHTS, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!! It's a miracle there weren't accidents up and down 15-501.

I had gotten the impression that mammograms were very uncomfortable before i had my first one. I'd had a colonoscopy before my first mammogram: that is a high bar on the discomfort and distasteful and taboo-proximate. I wonder if my mother was my major influence in making me think mammograms were so horrible: she is so demure and strait-laced that i suspect being in the context of having her breasts examined was a significant discomfort. I think dental x-rays where they jam the films or sensor into your mouth behind your teeth, and you have to clamp down with tender roof of mouth on sharp hard edges, holding still in equally unnatural contortions, are in the same discomfort class as a mammogram.

Truck back without significant and painful bill. Carrie has clean bill of health from the vet, although she needs to watch her girlish figure. I did my monthly report before any of my other colleagues. Dad's colleague had died from COVID-19 so the funeral yesterday was carried out with care, outside, so my worries for him have diminished. (Although my sister and i still nag, nag, nagged.) Mom was delighted with hot and sour soup for lunch, one of her favorites. I raked 90% of the driveway, which was impossible to discern from the forest floor after all the leaf and needle fall: free mulch!

My sister is a poll worker this year: she says there have been people in their 50s across races registering to vote for the first time. As a voter in her 50s, I remember voting for Dukakis: i can imagine bailing out of that election. Was anyone passionate about either of those candidates?
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