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Christine is swimming in dread and distress this morning with the supreme court appointment. I wish i could say that there will be no roll backs to recognition of her identity and our relationship. But i can't. I think the culture is shifting, but it's clear that there are folks holding on to an exclusive view of their place in the world as tightly as they can. I'm horrified to find my age cohort is at the lead of that effort.

One of the many aspects of the elephants that trample through our life often is that of trust: Christine trusts me, our pets, most furry and feathered creatures, but humans not so much. I think she's developed some trust in our vet. We had a nurse practitioner she trusted but she moved on. I think she trusts our grocery store to some extent. But that's maybe it.

It is hard to move in the world without trust. The level of hyper vigilance is exhausting.

When i think about it, my blasé movement through the world quickly changes and the risk accounting starts to build up -- but i can choose to not pay with hyper vigilance and trust because the alternative is debilitating.

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The NYTimes pointed to the Republican administrative agenda for the next four years, correcting a claim that there was no agenda (and noting that the list wasn't really an agenda that had clear execution paths). One of the things was, in education, teach American exceptionalism. I think there were lots of people who used to be willing to mouth the platitudes of the US being the best in the world and then move on to facts. My perception is many of those folks now see the danger of playing nice with little lie, and are moving to tell the truth.
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