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I've been at a virtual conference this week. It's draining in person and was draining online; i'll admit to preferring to be home. Anyhow. Drained.

Two more named storms are needed to meet the 2005 record number of named Atlantic storms. The last two storms occurred November 29, 2005 and December 30, 2005, so i think we're on track to beat that record.

I've been having issues with Evernote sync-ing attachments. I understand the challenges in synchronization, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept.

...now Sunday afternoon....

Friday & Saturday involved recovery from conference: moody, poor focus.

Saturday night i went with niblings and sister to a haunted drive through Shakori Hills, https://shakorihillsgrassroots.org/site-map/, renamed to haunted hills. (I note the flow of traffic was opposite the festival route.) E was somewhat distressed, my sister L was startled more than once. I think i was fairly aware of all the spookies (not driving, i could be more alert); W was quiet and mildly amused, as suits a teenager.

Asthma is coming on -- the occasional cough and chest tightness are not The Virus. Before my annual check up, the nurse asked me about temperature & blood pressure -- i realized we have that sort of biometric kit now. I've assembled the blood pressure gadget, an oximeter, and a thermometer all in a little case so we can occasionally check our baseline and be able to recognize when we aren't well.

Culinary recommendations:

Take the brine from a jar of Spanish olives, add some apple cider vinegar, and let diced up red onions swim in the juice. It's mellowed the onions wonderfully -- still oniony, but in a way i have found pleasant sprinkling on sandwiches and in salads.

Slice and arrange an apple in a broiler & microwave safe dish. Microwave briefly to soften the apples. Slice two small figs over the apples, sprinkle with goat cheese and breadcrumbs and a little bit of something sweet, broil on the toaster oven's "Lo" for ten minutes. 'Twas good!

The fig tree is escalating its ripening. I feel like i am picking them too early, but when i went out today, one was split wide open. They taste fine, and i picked eight this afternoon, which is almost enough to do something with.

I got some plants in the ground yesterday -- i fear several that i bought at the same time that were not shade plants did not survive their late summer-early autumn planting. We have a small tree and bundles of bare roots in the fridge that i really ought to get planted.
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