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This weekend was grey and dark and it was hard to know where it went. Reflection pointed out there was four hours of Quaker related stuff on Saturday and much reading of fluff. This week is feeling a little more demanding in a "if you'd done more to prepare during the weekend" procrastination-guilt sort of way.

The sun came back out yesterday and the dew point has plummeted from 70°F to 50°F: oh the joy of dry air. I'm running the dehumidifier now, but a little later today i think opening the windows will help to dry the house out. I've not lived in such a sealed house before. In California, we missed the recent years of fire misery and were there for the depth of the drought: our windows were open frequently. The home we lived in in Philadelphia was an antique: drafty is a fair starting place. Back in the humid southeast after twenty years of warming has been... an adaption.

Jay has flit around where i can see it from my work desk on Monday & Tuesday. Ants are swarming the ripening figs. Apparently something sticky wrapped around the trunk is the answer. I raked leaves in the dusk last night: it's a little movement.

I also am now a "trained" phone banker for encouraging folks to vote early in NC. I tried some calls last night: wrong numbers, full voice mail, automated "not taking calls" messages, someone at work, and someone waiting for a call from Red Cross because her daughter's home had burned down. I dunno how this is going to go. But i can do it here and there, so maybe i'll make progress off and on during the next two weeks.
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Tags: bird notes, garden, household, morning writing

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