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It's been a bit since i posted!

I am doing pretty well. Still working on the tension, but not paralyzed with depression as i had been.

Yesterday i saw a blue jay here, the first i've seen since moving here. I'd been surprised at not seeing them, so i was delighted to see the striking blue and white. I've seen more and more squirrels, surely harvesting the black walnuts. I continue to suspect Carrie's presence in the enlarged back yard discourages foxes and emboldens the rabbits and squirrels. I watched Marlowe at the base of the closest tulip poplar watch a squirrel much higher up: i was surprised she hadn't made more of an effort to chase it. I wonder if climbing large trunk trees is harder than the skinny ones.

Malabar spinach is HIGHLY mucilaginous. I took some leaves, poured boiling water over them and let them lightly "cook", and then pureed them. Except the result was a highly viscous slime. I mixed it in with a baked risotto with green peas, and the resulting green was ... bright. I'm not sure how to use this power. I know it's a little TOO green for Christine.

I've harvested more figs. I'm delighted at the ripening. I don't know if i'll preserve any green figs or not. The figs are fairly small when ripe: a generous bite. They aren't the dark purple i see in photos, but the skin is slipping off. I missed two and they became ... mush. It's been a wet year, i think. Anyhow: i am happy with the figs. Next i'd like to get a Italian honey fig and clone my parents' fig which is presumed to be a brown turkey.

Edward's diabetes is under control, hurrah! And perhaps the associated urination is also. We're down to three litter boxes, sadly the one in the (ugh) kitchen is most popular. The drain flies have also died down -- the heat seemed to be part of the issue as the population seemed to plummet as it cooled off.

I had a good conversation with a woman at the meeting. She's 73 and planning on staying with Spring, but recognizes some of the same things i do. I also went to a FLGBTQC meeting for business on zoom, immediately felt the depth of practice as people settled into worship before Meeting for Business, saw some faces of people who mean much to me, basked in the warmth, and volunteered to help with a new worship scheduled once a month. Some Seattle folks had been holding a weekly worship since the pandemic began, apparently there's some Drama going on in one of the Seattle meetings, and the two or three folks running the meetings are burnt out.
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