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Sunday and Monday night i saw fireflies in the early dusk in the yard. I think they may be the last. I do wonder about the different species: the low flying early dusk ones versus the ones i could see long after dark high in the trees. I haven't seen those since earlier in September, and fitfully -- a single one flashing around. I haven't really tracked when i stop seeing them. I know i was surprised how early i saw them this year.

Last night the storm line that moved through was very dramatic. Temperatures fell over ten degrees in thirty minutes. Buckets of rain as night fell. This morning the skies were sparkling -- Venus to the east and Mars to the west blazing through the tree tops. Orion and Cassiopeia.

As i sat in bed sending emails for Meeting, i saw a doe and fawn walk west along the fence line at the back of the orchard (orchard may present a sense of scale that is unwarranted...) The doe was paying close attention to Marlowe, i think, who was ensconced in the low crook of the twinned tulip poplar. (The first main trunk of this tree was knocked over at a forty-five degree angle many years ago. That trunk has long disintegrated but three new stems grew from the toppled tree, one at it's old base, and two, fused together in the years of growth, a foot or two up the old trunk. From many angles it looks like two trunks with a low crook between them. From other angles you can observe the third stem.)
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