E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Hi [Very public Quaker in NC],

I wouldn't think you know me but you actually follow me (@[me]) on Twitter. I know of you from [people] when they were at San Francisco Friends Meeting, from the long cc's on [another Quaker]'s emails, and from being a current member of [my] Friends Meeting in [rural NC].

I've been reading the calls for nonviolent resistance to any post election day issues and want to find a role that fits me. I went looking at the https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org site to look for post election actions after skimming http://bit.ly/holdthelineguide aka http://holdthelineguide.com/.

I didn't see any. I did sign up for https://choosedemocracy.us/training/.

Do you know of any Piedmont groups that are coordinating in the spirit of https://choosedemocracy.us/? I saw your account when i was poking around on twitter and i realized you might actually have some good pointers

Thank you so much for your time (and changes at [Quaker college] i hold in the Light.)

In Love,
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Tags: politics
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