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Too much time spent this morning trying to decide whether to subscribe to the new IFTTT service as set my own price point, so i went ahead and subscribed at the lowest price, comparable to one or two books (depending on the book). It's not my favorite freemium service: that would be airtable. But paying for airtable is nontrivial.

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Marlowe was intimidated by Luigi this morning -- not sure that was Luigi's intent, but tiny Marlowe's low growl sounded like a fog horn. Luigi was attacked by Edward before 6 am, Edward's daily choice for rousting humans. And Marlowe continues to chase Edward. I am impressed at the circle of domination. Edward and Luigi, at least, spend hours close to each other napping. In general they get along. I thought Marlowe and Luigi were getting comfortable with each other....

Carrie has taken to showing up at hissy-fits to break them up. It's adorable.

Meanwhile, we've gone some time (a week or so) without inappropriate messes. Edward's insulin dose is significantly larger than his starting point, close to a dose for starting a human 6 times more massive. Maybe in a week or so we can consider removing one litter box.

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I got called for a push poll last night. It was laughably biased. I suppose as an independent voter they expect to find someone who is not to the left of the Democratic party. They all but asked, "Biden has promised to eat babies and kill kittens, how will this affect your vote?"

Christine is fighting deep fears over the soon to be packed court. I find myself clinching my jaw frequently. We voted. We support groups that advocate for our values. We're not on the streets but i've supported those who are.

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