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Happy things:

Making a little desert to celebrate the ripe figs last week -- cutting out star shapes from bread, toasting with butter and sugar, a creamy spread from thickened Greek yogurt and honey, the rosy slices of fig on top. (There wasn't much fig.)

Beans from the garden! Radiccio/chicory has persisted.

My scarlet rose-mallow has bloomed - i planted the plant in April 2017. I think deer grazed on it a couple years and then last year the cutleaf coneflower overshadowed it.

Cucumber salad: cut up cucumber, ginger, and whole ground cherries with a little sour cream dressing.

Planted buckwheat seeds for microgreens and started bean sprouts.

Pondering kitchen purchases: I'm thinking about a "Julienne Peeler" -- it juliennes on one side, peels or slices thinly on the other. Theoretically, it's all stainless steel. The julienne function may keep me from buying a spiralizer, a temptation for years. On the other hand the Kuhn Rikon brand, a highly recommended peeler but with plastic, comes with little snap in cones to support making spirals. The spirals i would make would be from sweet potatoes or winter squash: i'm not sure that the little cones would be effective. Anyhow, much reading of random reviews.

I'm also tempted to buy a microplane grater that comes with a container. It too is plastic. I have one that i picked up at a yard sale years ago and the plastic has cracked, but it was very nice to have the ability to catch the shavings in the little cup. The one i am looking at doesn't have the design flaws that led to the cracked part. I dunno, kitchen gadgets.

Trying to work on spiraling out of depression not further in.
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