E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

(depression, cats, household)

Cut for tedium.
So depressed.

Therapist missed appointment, although i felt kinda uninterested.

The inexplicably persistent cat messes within feet of twice a day cleaned litter boxes at the front and garage door plus drain flies.

Depending on Christine's shopping which is a bit heavy on snack foods and processed things, but i feel utterly unimaginative. She's not particularly sensitive to selecting fresh produce and definitely not curious -- no, oh look, fresh whatzit on sale, let's eat some of this. So specific vegetable requests can bring home selections i wouldn't have made.... And i just don't care about food half the time it feels like. Meal planning was fraught before the pandemic given limited energy and divergent preferences. Now it's depressing.

I really ought to get some sprouts started. I'm a little intimidated by the Malabar spinach that is actually growing, but i will try it some more.

I wonder about how well work is agreeing with me. I've delighted in writing my data analysis scripts and am just now at reports that can be easily run, but i'm certainly not engaging with people.

I am procrastinating like mad on Quaker stuff.

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Tags: cats, depression, household

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