E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Dysfunction log

Spent all day coding Friday. I'm not certain it is the best thing for me: it's hard to track correlation vs causation. The seasonal quiet at work is pleasant, but perhaps i miss the sense of progress.

I called Mom and Dad after work while i had a beer: i really really didn't want to go outside. I'm struggling with some feelings around the plants -- i finally filled seed pots but haven't put seeds in them: i'm sending myself lots of negative messages around my plant stewardship that i should just stop.

Saturday had some ups and downs: i researched permitting requirements for building a shed. There's a question on the form whether we are in an overlay district. Best i can tell the only one overlay district is approved and all the others are in a proposed land use plan for the town in whose planning control we are in. Other than that i was happy to find that the main purpose of the permit is to identify where we are building something, so i don't need formal plans completed.

Sunday morning i wasted an hour before realizing my internet woes were due to a global issue by autonomous service AS3356, aka Level3 aka Centurylink. Part of that is because my work computer takes forever to reboot due with no internet connection and when my work computer is down and plugged into the hundred foot ethernet cable, the reflection crashes our router. (Support on that issue, "Huh, that would do it.") Now i've wasted another hour (at least) poking around to see the resolution.

We have struggled a bit but it appears we may have set up Microsoft's live.com to share calendars without forcing email on to us. It's a bit of de-Googling ourselves, and we were paying Microsoft for a family subscription anyhow.
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