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Happy Friday

So, i dunno what's wrong with me other than "2020, y'know." Another evening of the blues, guilt about the blues, bad feedback loop between Christine and i with the blues. I have a hard time believing the day at my parents triggered the response. It was a mildly pleasant time, work is low key and i am delighting in the quiet and writing data analysis scripts.

I may be

* frustrated that i don't have presentation quality reports yet
* dreading Meeting committee work because of cognitive misalignment
* guilty about seedlings i never planted and blocked on getting fall seedlings started

I still hate the humidity.

Edward's dosage of insulin has increased yet again, and the vet has allowed that there may be a more significant cause. But he has gained back some of the weight he lost, and the urination is under better control.

We are getting more comfortable with the smaller bed and learning how to set the softness. We are leaving the bed not quite flat but with a slight cradling shape -- head and foot slightly raised. I am thankful for the bed's flexibility and as i slowly recover from the morning back pain that bothered me terribly in ... June? July?... i wonder if in other lifetimes i would have bought a nice firm bed (which i like when i am awake) and have been stuck with back pain for much longer.

Dad had some advice on tightening the front door hinges to see if that would address the sudden sticking of the door in the top corner. It seems the humidity in previous years would have caused the same behavior if it was humidity related, and surely that earthquake was not enough to affect the house. So i'm hoping screw loosening.

Ah, loose screws.

I wish i could shake this malaise that hit me. I'll run the SAD lamp today and will come up with something to do outside - mow something. The stilt grass i cut in early July was too early, and there's plants back. But it can definitely be cut now to prevent seed set.

I harvested pop corn on Tuesday night. I found corn smut on one corn. I'm not brave enough to try huitlacoche.
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