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Post written Tuesday morning (quaker notes, watching notes, weather)

I woke Sunday feeling optimistic, but Christine had a day full of elephants and it weighted heavy on me. I also carried my feelings about Meeting for Business a bit. A Quaker friend in California who had just given a workshop on Quaker practice wrote me of a comment another had said: "that during the times of The Great Separations [schisms in Quakerism in the US], the two branches of Friends divided up Faith and Practice so that the pastoral Friends took the faith and the unprogrammed Friends took the practice." With those words, i recognize my distress must be similar to that of a person who hews to some strong religious belief that is part of some creed and finds that not everyone believes it. And is shocked, shocked i say.

The difference, which i can't tell if is whiny or real, is ... nope, it's whiny. (In both cases, there's a concern about integrity: i thought we all agreed X, but you say we don't all and it doesn't matter.)

Anyhow. I am still whining about weather, and i know my sedentary ways are part of my problem. Somehow i need to get some physical exercise.

Monday night i watched two episodes of Lucifer's season 5, our usual Monday show*, and then some of Christine's recent obsession with The World's Toughest Race, which has some of the voyeuristic qualities of a reality show tempered with apparent integrity: there are roughly sixty teams of four at the start of the race and they seem to mainly be there for the race, not the show.

* It's the comfortable slipper, entirely predictable show NCIS. Last night we watched Season 9 (2011–12) episode 18, overall episode 204. There are currently 398 eposides, leaving 194 episodes for us to watch at a rate of one a week, roughly three and three quarters years worth, putting us well into 2024 before we run out of episodes. Depending on how soon they will start filming again, it may take even longer to catch up.
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