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So, doodles just to stretch some of my many cramped metaphorical and real muscles. I'm pleased, although i don't know that i want to stay with the sketch. I don't know if i will ever get past dabbing the virtual paint on with the brush tool and then smearing it into shape as if it were finger painting. It's fine for the doodles but i don't think it's that good for any graphic design work (Spoonflower fabrics).

I took a half day Friday when the tree guy showed up and topped the dead pine near the powerline. It will allow the tulip poplar to continue to grow, and woodpeckers to continue to work on the tree. Duke power wouldn't leave a snag nor would they work around trees (but instead cut any other trees that were in the way, including a large old redbud and a cherry). I am still irritated a year and a half later. He'll come back and get some sweetgums down that are crowding the back porch, and agrees the large cherry is no threat to the house. I was exhausted from the couple hours i spent out in the dreadful humidity.

In Clerk of Meeting news, i am struggling with the fact that the onsite worship folks decided to change the rain plans from what is minuted. No harm was done, in that i don't think anyone showed up and was surprised by the change, and the people who are particularly concerned probably stayed home due to weather. But it just distressed me. If no one had recognized the existing decision, it would be one thing, but to recognize the decision and then have a few people by email change their mind....

So close to walking away.

The felines continue to have incidents: I'm pretty sure both Marlowe and Edward are involved and wonder if this is partly about Marlowe ambushing her seniors. We are also considering moving the bespoke litter box to a new location and see if that helps.

Software developer stuff: I've been preoccupied with reactivating newbie skills of git (a way that software engineers keep versions of code, store them in a external site providing backup, and collaborate on changes) and markdown (yet another text markup language -- not to be confused with YAML which stands for Yet Another Markup Language). And i'm learning to use Visual Studio Code as an editor. Some of this learning is because my old skills have become completely obsolete: i wasn't able to get the editor i have used for decades, emacs, to install on the latest version of the Mac operating system. Visual Studio Code, a free Microsoft product, has delighted me as a replacement.

I'd spent some time in January making use of "Jupyter Notebooks," a easy way to use python code to analyze data and report on it. I've poked a little at the best practices for storing the notebooks in a git repository: nothing has jumped out as an answer. I'll just shove them in, i guess. I do see that there's a metastructure, JupyterLab, that binds up multiple notebooks.

I spent all weekend writing a processing program that will pull files in, split them into months, and create "cleaned" by the month files, with the nice addition of keeping track of which files have been processed by which version of the script.
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