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Yesterday, two does and two fawns browsed in the east yard. Christine and i took turns standing at tip toe to look out at them as they made themselves comfortable.

This house plan is designed for subdivision living: the only windows to the sides, east and west, are small glass squares set over five feet high up in the wall in the respective bathrooms. Presumably, this increases the privacy for the walls facing other houses in cheek to jowl neighborhoods. Just enough window to probably pass code and provide some light. It's one of many things i ponder changing someday, but low on the list.

At night, i saw a lone firefly and a plane. The sky had some clouds that were moving fast enough that the star visibility was changing. The night chorus is so layered. I've grown confident that there are many more frogs than insects making up the night sounds: future wishes are to learn to tease all those calls apart to distinct voices.

I did a little mowing after work, tackling the western edge of our clearing and the waist high (in parts) stilt grass. The elderberry trapped in a cage with the weeds seems to have thrived and put on height despite (and because of) the pressure.

I feel good about the little chores i got done, but i know i am avoiding attending to my role as Meeting Clerk.
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Tags: critter watch, garden, household, night watch, quaker notes

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