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Vacation Day 2 (vacation, cooking, eating notes)

With more details about Vacation Day 1.

I went to both the co-op and the grocery store. At the co-op i obtained Local Honey. I spent some time reading up on the honey ... corruption? fraud? and trying to make a decision about how much i was willing to pay for honey. I am not so horrified about raw/not raw. I am not buying honey for enzymes and whatever is the current vogue theory for consumption. I just like honey. But i was taken with the argument about the diluted and fake product driving down the price for honey paid to hive keepers. If i care about honey bees, i should pay for honey i can trust is from bees. I'm not sure about Vietnamese and South American honey -- assuming it's really honey -- being something to turn my nose up at. But, the apparent evidence of syrup instead of honey from some of the larger sources led me to commit to getting local honey. So i did.

And chocolate and kombucha. And lots of roasted peanuts from the bulk section. ANd there was yeast, so i bought it.

Then i went to the grocery store, getting out list of things along with some Special Italian Pasta for the truffles. The grocery store wasn't quite as overwhelming as i thought it would be. It was still familiar. And yet, there was a certain unpleasant tension: every decision seemed to have a little added weight. Everyone was masked and respectful, which seemed reassuring. There were still big gaps in the shelves around the cleaners (which, due to cats, seemed like something worth checking on). The co-op bulk section seemed more troubled than the grocery's baking isle: there was still a sign asking that people to limit amounts they bought of flours.

Dinner was simple and quick, as Christine suggested we not indulge in everything all at once. Just like the holidays, stretching the special foods out over days, and not having one grand overwhelming meal, seems more pleasurable. I washed the mold off the truffle with trepidation, trimmed a few soft bits off (and tossed them under the chestnut trees -- unlikely to infect the trees, i know). They smelled ... woodsy? or was that the mold? I made a butter sauce and tossed the shredded truffle in and realized - ha! I had reinvented cream of mushroom soup! But, it was so much better. I'm not sure the experience of summer truffles makes me want to try the over the top expense of the precious winter truffles, but it was a pleasure that paired well with the wine. I could tell the difference between the wine freshly poured and then after "breathing" for a couple hours. That was lovely. We watched antiques road show (the British version, which is generally more fascinating) as we ate, and then found the cheese cake directions were not so well written. "Keep frozen until use" was followed by "Allow to defrost for 8-12 hours before serving." So we had ice cream with the Italian cherries on top -- just three each -- and oh my, that was divine.

I went for a walk with Carrie, my sister, and one of her dogs at Fearrington Village this morning. She gushed a bit about how my parents should move there. I am in no way resistant to the thought of them moving closer. I do get overwhelmed at the thought of them moving, in the same way i imagine my father feels overwhelmed at the thought. And there is a certain amount of Should-ing my sister does that perhaps reminds me of my mother's Should-ing. But meeting my Dad and Mom there to go for walks this fall could be very pleasant.

I spent the rest of the day reading Gunnerkrigg Court, a web comic. I can't believe i've spent so long on it.

So, very very indulgent. Christine actually worked all day which wasn't exactly to plan, but was OK.When i'm in a book -- apparently including a web comic -- i am gone.

Tomorrow, i may need to address some Quaker things. I've put that aside for a while.
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