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Vacation Day 1 (f&f, night watch, critter watch, cats, vacation, cooking)

Dad is back from Tampa and Mom is reunited with him as of 6:46 pm last night. I spent a little time at my sister's home with Mom and younger nibling E while L conveyed rising freshman nibling W to Siler City to pick up his school materials. Nibling W will be attending Chatham School of Science & Engineering and will graduate high school with a two year degree.

Hurricane Isiais left us with 3.42" of rain. That might be the highest i've ever measured. I went out yesterday morning to check and startled three deer into departure from under the black walnut.

Last night's sky was clear with some high clouds. I couldn't see the moon -- too thick growth between me and twenty degrees above the horizon. Two planes flew over but no observed satellites. A firefly still danced high in the trees.

Despite the number of litter boxes out and some of them being new, i've had to clean up after the cats twice. Once was in front of the box by the garage door. I suspect Marlowe there. Christine was in the watercloset with the door closed (like a civilized person) when Edward went into the bathroom this morning. I called to her to open, but Edward observed the closed door and did his wet business against the sink cabinet. Well, can't blame Marlowe for everything. He also seemed to want to avoid his insulin shot this morning. I hope i am being gentle enough.

Today is The Vacation Dinner. I have a fresh Black Umbrian Summer Truffle from Caputo's. They note, regarding the mold growing on it:

The white film on the truffle is natural, healthy mold that is found on most of the truffles we carry. The amount found on truffles ranges, but after reviewing the photograph you provided, it appears that the amount on the one you received is minor.

The mold can be removed by cleaning the truffle and will be safe to consume after. You can use a soft brush (a new toothbrush it typically recommended if available) to clean it, or a damp cold paper towel to brush it off. As long as the mold is removed and the truffle is firm, there will be no issues with consuming it. However, if the truffle is soft or damaged in any other way, please let us know and we'll be happy to look into what more we can do.

Another site says, "All truffles hate dampness, and will develop mold if moisture is present. If mold develops, simply shave the affected area." Various web sites advise different things for preparing Tuber aestivum aka "tartufo nero estivo," but i am going to go with the advice to gently warm it in a butter sauce.

We also have a Francis Coppola 2013 Claret Diamond Collection Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon (California) (which probably sounds more fancy than it is). I've bought cheeses that are supposed to go well with cabs, and the truffle partly inspired by advice for what should vegetarians eat with bold red wines. We bought the wine just before moving to here, and it's been sitting on the counter waiting for an appropriate time. Hopefully this is a good match. The cheeses are

Caputo's Cheese Cave Grotte Caputo: imagine a hybrid of piquant Asiago and a sweet, nutty 4 year old Gouda. To accomplish this marriage of Southern and Northern Europe cheese, we age it anaerobically in Caputo's Cheese Caves for 16 months. After about 12 months, the Asiago starter cultures die off, and more Gouda-like cultures take over.

and Christine's choice
Beehive Cheese Company's award-winning Barely Buzzed is a bold cheddar flavored with lavender and espresso. Made lovingly in Utah from pasteurized cow's milk, Barely Buzzed is the cheese that put Beehive Cheese and Utah cheddars on the map. The deep purple rind makes this a striking addition to your cheese plate.

I've lined up a walk with Carrie and my sister L for tomorrow morning.
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