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I search morning and evening for Grandmámá's husband to see if i can turn up an obituary. Not sure i will find one. One of his daughters is going to Tampa to start dealing with his affairs: happy news. I should talk to my sister about beginning obituaries for our parents and Grandmámá -- not that i expect to need one for my father any time soon.

I wrote a friend:

I suppose i should work on finding forgiveness for her husband, but his pride, obstinacy, lack of care led to my grandmother nearly starving herself to death while in pain from broken ribs and a cracked coccyx. I suppose i can work on being thankful that he refused for them move into a retirement tower where they could have care and be close to others. It's just been hard to imagine my social butterfly of a grandmother alone with him and our cousin (who has been caring for her) in their home these years and years.

Isaias brought much rain, but whatever wind it brought through the night, the general vicinity doesn't seem to have particularly large power outages. The Wilmington area, that's been getting pounded these past few years of storms, may have been significantly affected: i'm not fussing with the state paper's paywall-or-account barrier this morning. The NYTimes doesn't have any current coverage.

More litterboxes but someone is still relieving themselves on the floor by the garage door. I fear we have some confluence of issues with both diabetic Edward AND little wild Marlowe.
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