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Last night: a firefly still visible in the trees. Sky hazy, stars dim -- large moon low in the trees, illuminating the night sky.

Euphemism free content:

Morning less than easy. Woke and then observed cat piss all by the back door [door to the garage] and the laundry [near the garage door]. Again. It's possible some of the moisture was left from Christine cleaning the area the night before, but the underside of the puppy pads were wet ---- i'd come home yesterday to find Christine exhausted by dealing with the cats, the piss and Edward's insulin. Mostly, i think, the piss. She was at her wits end, piling guilt on herself for being at her wit's end. I know she found a pool at the back door last night. We left Marlowe at liberty to come and go outside overnight -- possibly leading Carrie to bark madly at her, Carrie mistaking Marlowe for a mysterious critter in the back yard in the wee hours. Nonetheless, lots of moisture on and under the puppy pads this morning. Wiped up with the laundry i needed to wash and applied enzymes, then a load of wash with enzymes. I have to believe that washing works, that washing the towels and such cleans up the residue of piss. Mom's piss, that i washed up from her overnight failure of the Depends the night before, the cat piss today. Christine, i think, is more distressed than i.

Then i sat and read the internet a little and then i was running late with cats' breakfast (which must precede the insulin shot). Then Dad called, and i am sad he won't let me call our cleaner to get the bathrooms done before he gets home. I'm mad that he's dealing with the unpaid bills of his deceased stepfather and not shipping them off to the man's children. C--- was 89 which is just ten years older than Dad.

--== ∞ ==--

Hours later: fie, cat piss by the back door again. I've put down some sheets of packing paper received recently to act as a small catchment if something happens before i find the floor dried from mopping and can put down a puppy pad. We are both exhausted by the continued surprise.

So happy it's not on the bed.

Meanwhile, i don't think i complained about the vet NOT checking for a UTI despite Christine's note that we were worried about the urination (they found the diabetes). Edward goes back to the vet on Friday and they will check then. FIE FIE FIE.

Elephants (as Christine is so exhausted and distressed), cats, parents, humidity & heat. Who knows how soon Grandmámá will die now that C-- is gone?

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Tags: cats, critter watch, elephant, f&f, morning writing, sky

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