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** Happy things **

The slow unfolding of leaves above a domed slice of sweet potato. It's been like watching tropical trees unfurl above a desert island. The little heart of celery tuft growing in the same window in an identical glass bowl is also pleasing. Other sweet potato shoots have taken root.  Just barely enough time for them to make tubers if they would bother.

I can make herbal tea with shiso, an Asian mint running rampant here. I haven't appreciated it raw -- similarly to lemon balm. But lemon balm has been lovely in tea, so i hope shiso is as well.

WOW (Friday night) Starlink satellite flares passing over were spectacular (and yet more human pollution of the night skies).

** Observations **

Not that i've ever been good at spelling, but i find myself typing words semi-phonetically these days. Just now, sellery instead of cellery where the double el is my normal misspelling.

** And then.... **

I didn't finish this post on Thursday, instead i read the web comic https://www.wildelifecomic.com/.

When i got to Mom & Dad's today, Dad had heard that Grandmámá's husband had died. He ran his errand -- getting his car inspected -- and then was off to Florida. As my sister is on vacation, i stayed with Mom. My sister gets back tomorrow and she'll have Mom stay with her. I hope to get the house tidy enough that it can be empty for a few days.

** So now... **

It's Saturday morning. I'm going to try something it's been ages since i've done: free write. Like THe Artist's Way instructs, i'm just going to write. I forget how long TAW suggests to do morning writing, but part of this is not going off to look that up. Last night i didn't get Mom in bed quite right: her feet were too close to the end of the bed. I think i heard her moaning, or maybe talking in her sleep. I'd stop by her door and say, "Mom?" whether it was loud enough with her hearing? I don't know. (My GOD the volume of the TV in this house.) So many things to want to check on or fix or solve. It's exhausting. I wonder about hiring someone to clean their house while they are out. With Dad gone and Mom at my sister's.... And, ugh, before i leave i need to tip a stock tank over -- there's a carcass of presumably a dead squirrel in it. Christine brought Carrie over and encouraged me to go for a walk with Carrie to give me a break. Walking the perimeter of their pasture, i found the tank and carcass and had to steer Carrie away from drinking that. UGH.

I've wondered how long Grandmámá will hang on after her husband passes. HA just got distracted by reading my notes on communications with Grandmámá, looking for her birth year. She's 103, i think. Last year i was 51 and she was 102. Grandmámá dying or moving will raise the challenge of getting the house they have been in ready to sell. Dad made noises about handling the preparations himself, infuriating me. Half the house is her husband's heirs responsibility, and one wonders if all of a sudden they will be a little more engaged. Anyhow... i hope they insist on having an agent do it and that Dad can be as hands off as possible.
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