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Ground cherries, in the same plant genus as tomatillos, are so wonderfully sweet. I'll have to look up which ones i am growing, but i am delighted with them. Monday i had a handful of blueberries in yogurt spread on one rice cake and five ground cherries on the other. The blueberries, while sweet, were no match for the plain Greek yogurt. The ground cherries, however, exploded with delight.

I think, if i started enough plants, the ground cherries might survive deer and rabbit pressure. I think they also companion well with corn, at least on the sunny side of the corn plot. I'd love to make a list of possible plants to be kept beyond fencing. The pop corn survived deer pressure, i speculate because there's better browse around when the corn is tender. Onions and other alliums are unpalatable.

A natural experiment began on Monday where i will find out if the rabbits were the ones eating the winter squash, as there's a tendril reaching out from the garden fence now. There's not as much cover near the garden fence from a rabbit's point of view. As of Thursday, the tendrils were unmolested.

One year the mouse melon was growing where deer could get to it. It thrived. So that might be fine. Although the rabbit pressure seems new. I dunno about my ability to judge herbivory: i would have thought the kale would survive deer pressure, but this year they keep returning for the tender leaves: and that's clearly out of rabbit reach.

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I am pondering branding using characteristics of people and wonder if there are brands that use religious organization names OTHER than Quaker. While, yes, Quaker Oats is using a positive stereotype in associating Quaker with "honest" and "good value", I wish they'd take a moment to think about THAT brand while retiring Aunt Jemima.

I think using the name of a sect is slightly different than "Trinity This" or "Tree of Life That." But the name of gods, that apparently done. ODIN Brands selling human cell cultures... is a bit problematic. (Ah, biohackers. No worries THERE.) Freya lingerie. Hmph. Also menstural cups. Ha, i'm silly to be surprised. Venus and Mars everywhere.

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In theory i am taking today off. In practice, well, i will get a half day in at least. It's been more and more frequent that i am working late. For a while i figured it averaged out with not getting to the desk on the dot in the morning, but i think i need to start trying to balance it.
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