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Back and bed (household, health)

Stressed and out of sorts weekend. I really don't have insight on why it was so bad.

The temptation is turn to the new sleep number bed and point my finger. Christine read the app reviews and got concerned about using them (i am unclear what was so concerning). I was OK with no AI watching my sleep. We ordered the remote so that we don't need the app. On Friday, the delivery guys were maskless, which was also very distressing (corporate overlords notified, house aired out, more lysol sprayed that probably necessary or useful), and Christine got very worried about Marlowe going under and getting caught in the lift machinery.

Last night the bed went a little crazy as i was fiddling with it, and i was crawling on the floor trying to figure out how i can see what the connections are to potentially repair the issue. The bed frame prevents all except for the tiniest of cats from accessing under the bed. I suppose i can reach out to the manufacturer to resolve that for any future issue. After some time trying to figure how to access under neath to see if Marlowe had disconnected something (as the remote seemed to indicate in an error message), it reinflated just fine, so yay. It's possible the contortions then are why my back is in such a dire state this morning -- my first time bending over and feeling like i couldn't return to upright, oh huzzah. Or it's possible that a firm mattress is no longer my friend.

Anyhow, today i know why i am out of sorts: my back is all wonky. And i'll do what i can to fix that, including letting the AI give advice regarding what firmness i need.

Still not clear the mattress is to blame for the weekend.

I've ordered a bunch of pillows from Ikea. I looked at Wirecutter's recommended pillows and choked on the price of over $100. I use a buckwheat hull pillow when sleeping but like a pillow to lean against when reading; Christine's fickle about pillows, loving a luxurious down pillow for a while then hating it after a year or so. So Ikea, where some pillows are $2, has a nice range of inexpensive pillows and hopefully some will be suitable. If it's a mistake, it won't be one that i feel terrible about. And since our most recent pillows were nine years old, from Ikea, and only had an issue from spilling something on them and not recovering with washing and airing out -- i think the cheap solution will be just fine.

Goes to read how often pillows should be replaced. Hrm. Yes, i think the Ikea pillows are just the right solution.
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