E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Come in, or the fog will get into the house

A response to fflo's poetry prompt "Come in, or the fog will get into the house" response (with little quality control)

Come in, or the fog will get into the house.
We just want you and your sun-bright smile.

See here, where the paper covers this big screen?
It's sealed off: no miasma enters this way.

Would you like a drink -- coffee, tea, Red Bull?
We keep it going here, everyone alert.

That drift of shavings?
Our pencils all are sharp.
A scent of ammonia?
Every window is crystal clear.
The humming sound?
A HEPA filter in every room.

Out there, out there, that fog,
the confusion, the contention,
the lies, the denial. Leave it.
In here we clean and polish,
clean and polish,
clean and polish,
clean and polish.
This is also posted at https://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/814917.html .
Tags: poemlet

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