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Took [Friday] off work.

Very slow start - sleeping in and so on. I did dice and cook up all the Yukon Gold potatoes i asked Christine to buy a few weeks ago. I wonder if buying those prepared bags gets you older and smaller produce than that which you pick out yourself. A number have spoiled faster than i am used to potatoes spoiling. Anyhow, with potatoes to grub out of the garden, i might as well cook these up. A cup went into a breakfast hash that included dried tomatoes from last year's garden, onion from this year's, a few bits of dried oyster mushrooms from the bag of local mushrooms from the local restaurant. (Pandemic produce.) That hash along with half an avocado was divine. I tossed the rest of the potatoes with a small jar of pesto from last year's produce, cubed fresh mozzarella, and salad tomatoes: caprese potato salad. An excellent lunch.

When i went out, i found the Japanese beetles had swarmed over new rose growth and the new growth on the chestnuts. A few were on the apple trees and the persimmon. I sprayed all those with a dilute mixture of neem oil, and also hit the fresh blackberry growth and the scarlet runner beans. I should do the garden plot tonight.... except i need to respray since a thunderstorm came through.

Such a weird weird weather pattern so far. The rainy days earlier this week were so very cool. I know that Sunday, as the usual steamy temperatures take hold, i'll miss the gentle weather. But i also expect that the garden will take off. I'm getting nibbles of mouse melons every day, and the ground cherries will ripen soon. But so many plants seem on pause, waiting for the warmth.

I looked up how to propagate garden phlox, determined that two of my three plants are patented. Hmph. The one that isn't patented is a spring-blooming white phlox. I'm not sure where i would put propagated plants: deer love them so it would be a challenge to grow them outside of the orchard.
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