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COVID-19 may be not a respiratory but vascular illness: this article notes some details about the protein needed to open the virus up and its ubiquity. Also proposed some different treatment pathways.

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Happy with strawberries from market, despite California origin, despite mold on one. Delicious Sunday night and will have for lunch with chickpeas that have been soaking in a mint-orange dressing. I was so happy, when i found the nearby strawberry farm was opening for the first time after so much rain, i immediately drove over and bought a flat.

The mint-orange dressing is a qualified success. I made it to go on baked cod on Saturday night and added far too much vinegar. On the other hand, the slight blanch of the mint leaves and then chopping the mint before blending ensured a longer green state for the mint and that the ribs weren't stringy in the result. By slight blanch - i put one cup of tightly packed leaves in a colander and poured boiling water over them, then rinsed with cold water.

Next is to try a cucumber-yogurt-mint salad. ANd maybe dehydrating some of the spearmint. I also have peppermint and a mint that theoretically smells of wintergreen, but ... well, i don't get it. I ponder getting rid of those mints. (Well, trying, at least.) Or maybe planting them in the orchard where they can blend in as a ground cover. The spearmint was barely thriving with the pressure of of other plants and only took off when i weeded and mulched aggressively to protect them.

I also [tried to buy] some almonds to try making a mint "pesto." [Not in the order.] And i'm waiting for my peas that finally bloomed and set fruit: peas and mint sounds delightful.

I'm also happy with my attempt on Saturday and last night with crown braids. On Saturday, i found it a wonderfully cool way to have my hair up, but not piled on the top of my head, (which keeps my head warm and sweaty). And it stayed up as well. I braided my wet hair last night successfully as well, so that's a plan for other wet hair occasions. I took it out before bed, because the crown does feel very unfamiliar, and i did not have patience for working it out Monday morning. Instead i just did a crown-like twist most of my head and have the remainder coiled and pinned in the back (no attempt to wind the ends in).

I did get many little popcorn plants in the garden, along with some okra and a few cucumber plants from my sister. I didn't really feel that motivated, though. With the cool weather on Monday, i took off work in the afternoon to do some substantial mowing and prepare for the sweet potato slips i am picking up today.

I think i've been seeing summer tanagers around the house. First, i had no idea this species existed. I knew of scarlet tanagers, but these don't seem to have black wings. It's possible i've seen them before, at a distance, and assumed they were cardinals.
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