E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Leaving on a jet plane

So, i'm at SJC with my smartphone and external keyboard. We're a little bouncy, but i can type.

I think i am going to get a sense of vacation out of this trip to seemy grandmother, even if it's not strictly a vacation. It's away from work stress, which is a win. Especially today when my new director is sending anxious emails fromEurope and some aspects of planning are showing a gap.
It might be my team that needed to be involved, and maybe i should have raised my hand earlier. I am not going to loose sleep over this. My Newㅑㄱㄷㅊ색 ㅊ무 ㅠㄷ ㅗㅑ호 ㄴㅅ겨ㅜㅎ 뭉 좀ㅅㄷㅍㄷㄱ. 쟈ㅣㅣ ㄱ드드ㅠㄷㄱ ㅡㅛ ㅐㅣㅇ 약ㄷㅊ색'ㄴ 쟌애ㅡ: ㅑㅅ'ㄴ ㅁ

Yikes! Let's try that again.

Somehow the keyboard switched to Korean. Who knows what i typed. The conclusion was simply: it's only library automation.

So: vacation! I'll be renting a car at Sky Harbor and driving to Flagstaff this evening. I'm hoping for plenty of twilight to enjoy the landscape, but it looks like i'll be pulling into a rather cool Flagstaff in the dark. Then i'll drive back to Phoenix in the morning, and hope to be with my grandmother in time for lunch. Half the visit will be at my friend's house -- i'll be sleeping though. A quarter driving, which will be real vacation, and then a quarter with my grandmama. Not bad.

In Friends Meeting news i've been nominated as clerk of our Care & Cobcerns committee. Our current clerk is unavailable the rest of the summer, so i'll be phasing into the role. I really really hope i find my notebook!

The deck looked lovely as i left the house. Plenty of flowers. I dream of growing my own food, but the delight of the flowers is something i can't buy. I did use a blooming sprig of oregano in our lunch of squash, bell pepper, and onion.

The Jeep is at "the vet:" looks like the rudimentary computer which controls the idling solenoid is acting up, and i don't think our mechanic is able to work with this computer. We might have to take it to another shop for this particular issue. For the weekend, our mechanic is tweaking up the idle.

My diodes have arrived, though, so i do have almost everything in line to spend time over the 4th of July with the dashboard.

Have a great weekend -- i'll be only roughly available, and then probably cramming housework and work prep on Sunday.
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