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Salad: Escarole, endive, lettuce, chicory, radicchio, oh my (garden, cooking)

Better Thursday morning after a chat with someone from meeting. Also had a video visit with my sister Thursday morning.

The Need To Meet With People But Wanting To Hide energy has resumed, though.

Thursday night i made a salad of mixed greens:
* two miscellaneous lettuces, frisée, sorrel, and violet greens. I would have thought the sorrel to be more noticeable, but it wasn't.
* pea shoots from the Austrian winter peas.
* a thinning from red garnet amaranth and rose petals from Zaide ("large pink rose with a fruity fragrance"). The color combination was lovely - wish i had had more of the garnet amaranth. The rose petals added a slight pleasurable flavor.
* some of the tiny bolting spinach.
* two different mints and lemon balm .
* some parsley, cutting celery, and oregano - the cutting celery was mild, the parsley and oregano noticeable.
* dressed with shredded hard cheese.

It wasn't a harmonious combination, but it wasn't unpleasant, either. I should fix more. None of the lettuce is growing in abundance. I struggle with wanting to let it thrive and get bigger and recognizing when it will be too old to be pleasant.

I started reading about frisée (curly endive, chicorée frisée, Cichorium endivia var crispum) because it just grew over winter. Now i understand it's a perennial and in the chicory family. The herb and salad seed mix i bought in the fall of 2018 has "endive" listed so, voila. I now look at the radicchio listed in the plant starts availability and ponder adding to my perennial greens collection. I don't mind bitter that much, personally.

And then i've stumbled into enlightenment about Batavian lettuce, which isn't Lactuca sativa at all, but Cichorium endivia var latifolia -- "commonly" escarole. Theoretically, i started some Anuenue Batavian "lettuce". Or maybe "Batavian" is applied both to a lettuce and to an escarole?

I may need to grow something like Batavian full heart endive right next to one of these Batavian "crisp head" lettuces and try and figure out whether they are the same thing.

So what's available as starts are Cichorium intybus: Bel Fiore radicchio ("technically of the Variegata di Lusia type") and Indigo radicchio.

Ponder. Meanwhile, so hard to complete a post.
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