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Midweek (cats, dawg, garden, depression)

Trying to frame things as good, or at least focus on delights.

Marlowe is amazing and delightful:she is still so small compared to the boy-os. She must be heavier than she was when we adopted her in November: Christine guesses eight pounds. She dashes around the yard, following Carrie's modeling of hot laps. One afternoon when i was walking around the outside of the fence, she rushed up to the corner and climbed all the way to where the fence turns in. And the fence performed as it is designed: she turned back around and jumped down. She's been climbing trees. I think it was Sunday night when a brown thrasher was in the massive crepe myrtle, loudly calling "Tuck!.... Tuck!" Marlow was indignant and scrambled up into the tree until she found the point about ten foot off the ground where Christine had cut back one of the stems to rescue the drone. There she sat fussing at the bird. Eventually, she just jumped down. And last night, up she went in the small oak tree just off the back deck. Again, over ten feet up and considering more exploration.

I do not want her getting stuck out of our ladder's reach.

But her acrobatics and athleticism, her dashing after bugs and (sadly) frogs provides me with delight.

Carrie, too, is still playful. I don't think she and the kitten have quite sorted out games they can play together, but in this lovely weather Carrie wants to be chased around the yard, playing keep-away with her (gross) rawhide toy.

The attempt to solarize soil seems to simply be creating a warm place, not an oven. At the worst, perhaps all the weeds will sprout and then getting them out will be one swoop before putting out the tomatoes there. I am going to put out some tomatoes early in the patch i cleared last weekend.

Last evening i picked three turnips with proper turnip roots. The co-planted spinach and beets aren't thriving but i'll get proper turnips. I don't think i let the turnips out compete. Maybe the beets just need more time. The spinach is bolting, which - at smaller than baby leaf spinach - is kind of peculiar.

I keep reminding myself not to wish for summer heat, but i do wonder if the vegetable plants are impatient for warmth.

(Feeling glum and low)
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Tags: cats, dawg, depression, garden

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