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Christine and i had been commenting on the dearth of news about using blockchain to fix coronavirus issues -- but never fear, IBM and Ernst & Young are on it. (Per a WSJ article Thursday.)

I pulled up one of the Egyptian walking onions and used it in a mess of Swiss chard (that was bolting). It worked well, seemed quite mild. I can imagine pickling the onion base. There's definitely a seasonal difference in how hte base grows. Now i need to sort out where to grow the green mountain multiplier onions. In something other than brick-soil, for sure.

Dad brought over four large tomato cages. I hope for many more happy tomatoes this year. Last year vines broke in storms and the plants took a while to recover. I won't put all the tomatoes out for a bit. I've got them well potted up in the green house where they get warm during the day.

When i turned over one section of the garden i found beautiful dark soil (The SW border, north end). This was a bed i'd put wood chips in and had so-so growth last year. Apparently, this is to be expected, as breaking down the wood ties up some nutrients. But after a winter under autumn leaves, it's lovely. I've "rushed" some plants -- it was 38°F overnight Monday to Tuesday! -- and put out two bell peppers and some basil, two borage, one of the two marigolds that made it, and the smallest of the five Green Mountain multiplier onions.[Saturday] In the center of this bed i'll put a roma and a big beef tomato in the same cage.

I planted the rest of the onions in the hugelkulture herb and greens bed. So far, the many onionios appear to have discouraged amy critter from eating the lettuces i set out a few weeks ago.

I've covered another bed with a doubled sheet of plastic to attempt solarizing it. I fear i am just turning it into a lovely greenhouse for the weeds, as it only got in the 80s yesterday, and i haven't smoothed the bed so there's good soil contact between the plastic and the soil. It would be lovely if this worked. I'm not hoping to get it as sterilized as doing this in the middle of the summer would manage; i'll be delighted if i can just kill the Indian strawberry. [Monday]

In my overwintered bed, the tiny spinach is bolting. I wonder if the brief spell of very warm weather confused them. Turnips, however, seem to be making small tubers! The poppies also seem like they will do better than they have the past few years.

I tried water steam distilling rose petals Monday night. The principal configuration of doing it at home was demonstrated successfully, but the result was bitter. Nothing like steeping the rose petals in tea water. I imagine i will try drying the petals next, or layering them in sugar and trying to extract the essence that way.

I know some think Taco Bell is horrible food. It can be vegetarian, so it got some business from us in California. (I will admit that here in NC, the chain has been far more been disappointing.) Their cheese quesadillas are one quick snack i enjoy. Monday night i figured out how to easily replicate the creamy sauce with Russian dressing, hot sauce and cheese. It's not something i needed to learn to make, but it's mighty satisfying.

I have touched crochet while watching shows twice now. It's not a habit yet, but i would be happy to get back into doing a craft while sitting.

I've not been doing the yoga.

Black holes of negativity: Quakers this past weekend. I was cranky. (Perhaps i forgot to take my antidepressant on Sunday?) I want to focus on the good things. So i am also not reflecting heavily on displaced energy for work focus yesterday.
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