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Back to work. I think of the charging crank on my emergency radio/flashlight, on the radios on MASH. Rrrr-uh Rrrr-uh. Not connecting well.

I'm not using my work machine to connect to any non-work any more. Part of it is surveilance, another is that it seems a disincentive to giving in to distractions. *cough* For a while i was using a remote desktop app to connect, but i fear sometimes the VPN was routing traffic oddly and i may have been sending traffic to work. So now i am using my iPad as a remote desktop terminal (there's laptop battery lifetime issues, outlet space, desk space optimizations leading to this solution). I'm able to pair the keyboard with the iPad, so that's nifty. I haven't quite figured out how the "mouse clicks" work in the virtual desktop, but that supports the disincentive character of the set up. Switching the keyboard back and forth is getting easier.

Just as a reminder for some future when this (not the pandemic, but this work configuration -- even though i tell myself it's going to be like this forever after) is a distant memory: i'm working at the front room window with a tabletop sit-stand desk contraption supporting keyboard, trackball and my work laptop (on an additional riser). The work laptop plugs into a USB-C powerd hub for power and to connect to the peripheral webcam (which won't work in this config with my personal laptop for some reason), a back up hard drive, and the dongle for the logitech track ball.

Depression continues with tears this morning. No particular thoughts with the tears other than i just feel so tired.

I did do fairly well staying away from news yesterday. I'm learning how to navigate the NY Times apps so that i avoid the top stories. I have TRIED to turn off notifications. I need to try harder. I was feeling a little disconnected from state news, but find the press releases on the state Department of health and human resources to be ... just right. Obviously, there's spin, and real news reporting would be more critical -- but this spares me from the news of protesters (and oh how i fear the antivaxxer folks joining up with the don't-tread-on-me-and-my-rebel-flag-and-mah-GUNS crowd). I like the "testing, tracing, trends" alliteration in the "how we will reopen" press releases. Youtube TV, our "cable" solution is back on and Christine watches much CNBC in the morning and MSNBC and CNN in the evening. So i hear tones in the reporters voices: indignation seems to continue.

Why am i growing so many onions? Because deer don't eat them? Anyhow, i'm receiving Green Mountain multiplier onions (aka potato onions) from Etsy today. I lost track of whether i had a good harvest of shallots or not last year -- it was good enough to keep trying. Bulbing onions seem like a massive waste of time, but i ended up buying bulbing plants on an impulse when impulse purchases were possible. And then my sister gave me sets. And of course my Egyptian walking onions are thriving. Only this fall did i realize i should be harvesting the in ground part of the walking onions, not the top micro onions. And i *think* they were shallot like. This year i promise to pay more attention at harvest. Well, the potato onions MIGHT grow large enough to be good keeping bulbs.

I need ideas for green onion leaves beyond garnish. The internet says scallion pancakes. Hmm. I wonder about fermenting them.

Trees on my wishlist: sumac (staghorn preferred) to make spice, drinks, and for the color. Hazelnuts and chinqapin. American and Chicasaw plums, ideally some cloned selections. Serviceberry. Elderberry. Some of these will function fine as understory trees, but the ones that need sun are challenging. Elderberry apparently has shallow roots, so it can go at the woods edge near the drain field.

I may need to replace one of the pawpaws: it has not leafed out, while the other bloomed. I'll get a local plant as the availability has increased. The seedling persimmons don't seem to be leafing out, either. The selected persimmon was slow, too, but i begin to doubt the seedling. And i didn't do a good job planting the yellow root, compounded by finding Carrie trying to pull it up.

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