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Work has been intense all week as i prepare to share a document today. Our "software development process" is poorly defined.

Therapy Tuesday was helpful, i think, reality check for my insecurities about work, to recognize some of the exaggerations with which i frame my work.

I'm still pondering what to say Sunday. Hope? Barclay (an early Quaker theologian) writes powerfully about the classical Christian concept of salvation in his propositions 5 and 6, arguing for salvation's universality, drawing a fine line that separates Quakers from the heresies of which they had been accused. He builds up the one of the fundamental insights, that the (seed of) Light is within all. (Wednesday morning: I just went and skimmed the chapter.) Is that the message for NOW?

Wednesday evening i thought about the exhaustion in trying to make decisions about what to get at the grocery and when to go and what not. (Additional complications arise because i am not going in order to maximize my isolation for Mom.) And i thought about the thype thinking i have gone through in deciding to buy things and reduce plastics as well as consider carbon footprint. The pandemic is a human problem: the climate change is a global problem for all life. Is that a message?

"In the tiny county of Early in southwest Georgia, five people have died. And the mayor and the police chief of the county seat, Blakely, are among the county’s 92 confirmed cases. It has been a shock for the rural county of fewer than 11,000 people. " -- https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/08/us/coronavirus-rural-america-cases.html Dad's family are from the county near Early. (Early was a large county when it was first formed and his ancestors arrived in the area. It was divided and divided again as populations grew.)

Wednesday evening i finally tried to make a soaker hose. The water pressure from the tank can only manage about three feet of holes every one inch at the size of hole i drilled. Sadly, i did almost thirty feet (from the 100 ft of hose i have to spare). So i think i have smaller bits, and now that i've done it once i have a process. I can count up the holes in the functioning stretch an space them out much further. I don't mind if it takes a very long time to soak out. If i can open the tank up and let the soaker hose go for hours for a whole row, it will make it easier to use during the work day than a hose that i have to move every 30 min or half hour.

Green tree frogs (Hyla cinerea) and cricket frogs (probably Acris crepitans) are abundant in the orchard, and i see the cricket frogs elsewhere as well. I've seen a few lizards - sadly, the best view of a skink has been one that Marlowe appeared to have caught and killed. No snakes yet. A songbird is dead on a path around the outside of the orchard fence, attracting a mass of beetles. I wonder if the fencing was a contributor to its death and wince with guilt. No snake sign yet.

The star of Bethlehem has started to bloom: it seems so late compared to the early spring. I assume it must have day length triggered growth. The bear's foot plants are shooting up to the height i would expect in May. Easily two weeks early if not a full month.

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